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Interesting facts about Lipetsk

  • The linden tree is the official symbol of Lipetsk.
  • There are mineral water springs on the territory of the city. Lipetsk mineral water is similar in composition to the mineral waters of the famous German resorts — Liebenstein and Termont. It is used to treat the digestive system.
  • The names of the family of streets in Lipetsk are connected with the cosmic theme.
  • Higher education can be obtained in 18 universities.
  • More than half a million people live in Lipetsk. This is more than in countries such as Malta, Brunei or Cape Verde.
  • There are seven wonderful museums, three theaters, two concert halls, and four art galleries in the city.
  • The landmark of Lipetsk can be called singing fountains. We can say that this is the business card of the city. An unusual and fascinating sight that can be remembered for a long time.
  • The most interesting part of the city, from a historical point of view, is the area of Cathedral Square. There are many temples, cathedrals and ancient buildings.
  • The area of Lipetsk, taking into account all its suburbs, is about 3 times smaller than the area of the part of Moscow that is located within the MKAD.